While many companies reduce cost at the expense of service, Arbor is uniquely invested in providing the highest level of service for our customers. Our team members are intentional in the way they answer the phone promptly and politely, respond professionally to emails, and most importantly, deliver products on-time. We understand that serving our customers humbly and competently is the key to our success and longevity. If given the chance you’ll notice the Arbor difference!
Countless innovations of recent years have resulted in a dramatically improved product in both function and appearance. More importantly, major capital investments in our CNC, EDM, and CMM departments have allowed us to meet or exceed the tightest tolerances without fail.
Efficiency = Competitive Pricing. Customers find Arbor’s pricing to be significantly lower than competitors of comparable quality. While benefitting from lower costs, Arbor’s customers need not compromise on service and quality. When considering the costs associated with poor service or quality (late deliveries, lack of function, missed tolerances, etc.), Arbor will always provide the greatest value.
On-Time Deliveries
Hard-working team members and modern equipment combined with our proprietary scheduling software enable us to maintain a strong track record of on-time deliveries.
Tight Tolerances
Arbor has made significant capital investments in state-of-the-art equipment in recent years. Accurate and reliable equipment enables us to meet the tightest of tolerances for any industry including: Automotive, Aerospace, Agriculture, Medical, Lawn & Garden, Heavy Equipment, and Power Equipment.
International Reach
Over 90% of our products are shipped outside of West Michigan to locations which include Eastern Michigan, Canada, the Southern and Western United States, and Mexico. In addition, many of our fixtures are shipped to Asia on behalf of our domestic clients.
Customer Buy-Offs
We offer a private customer buy-off room where customers can review their product before delivery. With our detailing department located adjacent to the buy-off room we are able to make requested updates with the customer present. For customers unable to visit Arbor, we have remote capabilities which allow customers to buy-off from anywhere in the world!