Design Services
Arbor has seven CAD seats where we design our own products and offer design services to others. Our team of experienced designers is capable of checking virtually any part regardless of the complexity.
Data Exchange
•CATIA •Unigraphics •IGES •DXF •DWF •STEP


Arbor continues to make major investments in 5-axis vertical machining centers. While used primarily for our own products, our fleet of CNC machines are also readily available for outsource work.
Laser Etching
We laser etch all tags and gage handles for enhanced durability, readability, and professional appearance.
Wire EDM
Our two Wire EDMs are used to make our own precision parts as well as those for outsource customers.


We custom-make bases for our own fixtures and outsource for others.
All carts are custom-made to fit the width and length of our bases at a height designed for optimal end-user ergonomics.
Arbor’s experienced weld team fabricates many custom-made pieces for use on our own shop floor and for customers' unique requirements.


Gage Certification
We certify all of our own gages in our temperature and humidity-controlled ISO/IEC 17025 accredited laboratory using PC-DMIS.
Gage R&R
Arbor helps to ensure gage repeatability and reproducibility by performing a Gage R&R, complete with a report summarizing the results.
Part Layout
Need to layout parts to ensure dimensional accuracy? Arbor has your solution with our open part setup services.
Third Party Certification
Fixture built and certified elsewhere but requires a third party certification? Arbor takes pride in our ability to provide comprehensive solutions for the simplest to the most exacting application.

Fixture Modification

Engineering Changes
With over 30 years of industry experience, we’ve made engineering changes to fixtures of every type. Although more costly than changes made to our own fixtures, many customers ask us to serve in this way out of necessity (international fixture source) or because they were unsatisfied with the domestic fixture builder.
Stuck with a fixture built with super glue and shims? We can re-certify and repair these gages as needed. Customers are given the option of a full refurbishment or only changes necessary to make the gage functional and repeatable.
Fixture dropped from a cart? We offer repairs to fixture details. Re-certification of the repaired area or the entire fixture is also offered.